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June 2019
3D Walk-Through Community Visualization

Why create 3 D walk-throughs and is it worth the time and expense?  Our client wanted to visualize and experience the community from a broader perspective and OMNIA Group Architects has the know how to provide this instructive, beautiful 3D video walkthrough of the project and the many OMNIA Designed new homes.   Many prospective residential homeowners do not have the conceptual skills to see an empty space and picture what the built environment will look like upon completion.  This development, consisting of 225 homes in a planned village setting is coming soon to quaint Downingtown in beautiful Chester County, Pennsylvania.    The residential development will consist of Townhomes, Single Family homes and Twins, a true multi-family environment.  All of our 3D Renderings and our 3D video’s tell an architectural story.   Don’t forget to stroll or run through our architectural conceptual designed presentation and tell us what you think!


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