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November 2019
5-Story Mix-Use Apartment Building



Located in Southwest Center City Philadelphia, this new 5-story mixed-use apartment building is located on a block that has seen an influx of modern town home construction, showcasing the shiny new panels typically seen in new construction. In order to maintain the feeling of the traditional 3-story block our building steps back at 3-stories to give rise to another 2-stories of apartment, unseen from the street, which create much desired stunning outdoor patios overlooking the block and the great city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Since our design is nestled between some of the few remaining buildings rooted in their time, we felt it appropriate to allow our architectural design to exude the traditional and industrial nature of Philadelphia’s style history. The configuration and application of the three main materials, brick, metal, and wood help to anchor our apartment building design in time creating a clean and clear elevation that stamps a modern freshness, while blending and communicating with the traditional architecture.

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