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As you approach a building, enter a space, or even see an image online, your sensory experiences guide your mind in determining how joyous or anxious you feel among the complex combination of objects, surfaces, textures, forms, and colors. Much of this experience is visual and an age-old problem for architects is how to convey this experience through two-dimensional representation and small scale models. Architects have an innate talent for and well-honed experience in understanding space and place, but how do we communicate that understanding to our clients?

Architectural history is rife with advances in drafting but short of the discovery of perspective drawing, nothing has revolutionized architectural visual representation like the advent of and advances in computer technology.

OMNIA has stayed at the forefront of these advances which not only allow us to communicate the feel of space to our clients, but allow us to more fully understand the designs themselves. Our architectural visualization services provide clients with a palpable, close-to-reality look at the dynamism of their design’s composition. This provides you with the ability to foresee the completed pieces of your design puzzle and lets your natural instincts guide you as we explore the best design options. We understand that not everyone has the experience to interpret a flat 2D plan and elevation and be able to construct a vision of how it will all play out in their minds.

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