Commercial Redesign Interior Architecture

The commercial architectural style before and after just have to be experienced to appreciate the transformation of this tired, soulless commercial office space into a state of the art corporate headquarters. Working within some unusually strict local ordinances, constraints of occupied floor below and serpentine existing entry and circulation patterns, OMNIA Architects Commercial associates worked with the client to accommodate their growing operation. Creating a more open, flexible and collaborative workplace while maintaining a sophisticated and productive business environment was a difficult balancing act that OMNIA’s team tackled through the use of a variety of strategies like changing ceiling heights, wise juxtaposition of open work to private offices, interspersing of flexible meeting or “hoteling” workspaces and flexible circulation paths. Generous use of glass on the interior helps bring perimeter light into the interior spaces and then we used efficient, stylist LED lighting throughout. The main entry to reception and board room is the first of two showcase spaces and feature innovative technology and thrilling materials and lighting. At the inner core there is an open kitchen and lounges which feature more relaxed and playful layout, furniture, finishes and lighting. The result is an amazing architectural space that will serve our client proudly.