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May 2018
Gene Grimaldi

Gene Grimaldi graduated from Temple University and began his career at one of the city’s premier architectural firms.  An accomplished craftsman, Gene followed his interest into the building industry where he worked as chief architect for a renowned regional developer.  Fueled by characteristic optimism and entrepreneurial spirit, Gene formed The OMNIA Group with Brian in 1993.  Based on a philosophy of synthesized creativity and real world construction knowledge, their aim was to service clients in a new way.  The result is a portfolio of single and multi-family homes, apartments, office, retail spaces and restaurants whose live-ability and work-ability belie their extraordinary build-ability.  Gene’s old world pride and attention to detail coupled with his amiable manner provide clients with a rare level of service and solution.  An early advocate of green initiatives, Gene’s own home is a showcase of sustainably, featuring geo-thermal heating and cooling, rainwater management and advanced energy efficiencies. Gene enjoys homemade wine, complaining about golf and cutting whole pieces of food in quarters to eat little bites at a time.  Word is that his wife Marie ROCKS!

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