Community Theatre Design

Project Narrative Include up to 300 words to describe your project and how it addresses the stated design considerations. – Harmonize with the Historic Theater. – Recognize the Past, but look to the Future. – Address how this space “functionally” fits with the historic theater. – Enhance the Pedestrian Experience. ##01 144 In considering the expansion of Doylestown’s great County Theater, the challenge was to find a harmonious voice that does not drown out or dilute the original building’s grandeur. Our design nods to the historicism of the original façade while drawing on the forward-looking spirit that the Art Deco style brought to the town’s earlier Colonial context. Recognizing that reiterating old-world style is not cost effective and would serve only to compete with the aesthetic and authenticity of the original edifice, we sought to work with simple forms that distill then amplify the essential outline of the two reverse “L”s that gird the central spire. From there we layered on differing levels of transparency extending and enlivening the sidewalk with color and action. Stepping the street level façade inwards with an angularity serves to draw people into the organic ground of the outdoor seating area and then visually through the glass to a vibrant lobby space that can serve as a magnet for life and culture in the town. Touching the indoor and outdoor space with the planted green living wall and wood texture of the entry canopy adds the essential calming aspect of nature. Both the shimmering black manganese brick anchor “L” and mahogany clad entry canopy “L” turn inwards unifying the interior and exterior spaces and further connecting the broader streetscape with warm, peaceful tones that reflect both the texture and color of the surrounding brick facades. The upper stories give way to an office area contained in the brick mass with windows echoing those on the original façade and then a culminating translucent glass wall of vertical linearity with the proportion of the Art Deco building’s center. This form houses a two story event space with a large mural along its rear wall radiating color into the street.