State of the Art Outpatient Center

OMNIA Group Architects showcases this high tech, modernist medical office and procedure center in Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The outpatient medical center, providing but not limited to colonoscopy and general exam procedures, was designed to facilitate patient care and is located to serve a significant population of people near their homes and offices. The architectural layout incorporates a style for intimate exchange of information between doctor, patient and administrative scheduling.

From the very start of the architectural process, OMNIA and their client collaborated to create a medical facility that cares for the body and the emotional well-being of patients and their families as they deal with health matters both routine and complex. Even routine procedures can be stressful and too often the built environment of medical offices fails to provide the level of privacy, comfort and calming required to care for the whole patient.

OMNIA has spent years studying, thinking about and designing patient centered medical facilities that take a holistic approach to the patient and provider experiences. In the service of the patient, the operations of the medical staff were studied in detail to maximize their efficiency and comfort allowing them to focus on the needs and the well being of their patients.

Key requirements OMNIA Architects incorporated into the architectural design include: behind the scenes staff interaction, patient privacy, calming atmospheres and state of the art procedure rooms.  3D walkthrough videos as well as 3D renderings were used to assist our client in visualizing the final product.